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Prois isn't just for's for gathering too! Prois Staffer Azura Dee Gaige Hunting for Morel Mushrooms!!! Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women Was with her in the Blue Mountains... #prois, #proiswasthere

New Prois question of the day! Make sure to post your answers on the Prois page at and give us a "like" for your chance to win.

Prois staffer, Renee Jakubik, doesn't give up her Prois for anything... Not even for a (not so) scary gorilla statue! "Stopped to get gas. On my way in to pay I was attacked by a huge gorilla wanting my PROIS shirt! He said he was a bigger Badass than me. No Way Mr Gorilla Dude!!! He may be one to his friends but I Am A PROIS Badassery!!!!!" #proiswasthere #badasserydefined

Prois Staffer, Megan DeHaan had a great weekend! "Although I was not the one to pull the trigger, I am almost always deemed resident skinner. Of course Prois was there watching from the window holding two kids up to see if "daddy misses". Well he didn't, and then mommy had a chore to come home to after church. Couldn't have asked for a better easter sunday! #proiswasthere, #prois, #hunting

Check out Prois Staffer, Jasmine Johnson and her awesome gobbler. In case you were wondering, and we know you were... JJ is wearing the Prois Pro-Edition Vest over the Prois Ultra Longsleeve shirt! Check 'em out at!

Prois Field Staffer Gretchen Steele is racking up awards! We are so proud to have this awesome lady on staff!! 1st and 3rd in hunting, 2nd in fishing, and......Best of Show at the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Excellence in Craft Competition - Photography division #prois #Hunting #Photography #AGLOW

Prois employee Paige Murphy and her beautiful Tom! Prois was there! ‪#‎proiswasthere‬ ‪#‎turkeyhunting‬ ‪#‎gobblegobble‬ ‪#‎hunting‬

Skull Bound has been nominated for Best Combination Show for the Sportsman's Channel Choice Awards! Congratulations to Prois Pro Staffer Jana Waller and Jim Kinsey for their tireless work!

More success from the Prois Women's Hunt at 700 Springs Ranch in Texas! Here's Prois CEO, Kirstie Pike, with her THIRD turkey of the season! ‪#‎ProisWasThere‬ ‪#‎TurkeySeason‬