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Guttation is the exudation of tiny drops of sap that accumulate on the tips or edges of leaves and acts as a release valve for excess water pushed up from the roots.  Image via themetapicture #Plant_Physiology #Guttation

Funny pictures about The Beauty Of Nature. Oh, and cool pics about The Beauty Of Nature. Also, The Beauty Of Nature photos.

Macro images of snowflakes - DIY Technique. Takes my breath away!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Alcohol Inks on Yupo

Macro images of snowflakes - DIY Technique - By the awesome power of the almighty GOD, We are all individualized , also the snow flakes are as one.

Dainty Pink Mushrooms ~ Marasmius pulcherripes

Dainty Pink Mushrooms ~ Marasmius pulcherripes ↠↠ all of the earth is beautiful, even some fungi! --> they look like flowers they are so fragile appearing <--LIZ

Beautiful photos of real snowflakes captured using macro lens by Russian photographer Andrey Osokin. Amazing!

Andrew Osokin's macro photographs of snowflakes and ice formations

Remarkable Macro Photographs of Ice Structures and Snowflakes by Russian photographer Andrew Osokin. Now THIS is photography as art

Here and there a leaf had crisped and curled to brown, and took off scudding in the wind like a small boat over rough seas...I caught it on my palm and held it for a moment, admiring the perfection of midribs and veins, a lacy skeleton that would remain p

What an beautiful picture. This photo is so pretty. There is just one failure in this whole picture. The one failure is that leaves are not transparent so you would not be able to see through the leaf.

A photo with beautiful colors at the Iowa Girl Eats website.

Friday Favorites

It is things that are as beautiful as this that remind me that God loves beauty. God created beautifully, no accident could do this. That is one of the many reasons that I know there is a God.

Each flexible sucker is loaded with embedded chemical sensors that allow the animal to not just touch but also "taste" any object it grabs.

Why This Octopus Isn't Stuck-Up

Brahmin Moth from "Aliens on Earth: macro photographs of insects by Igor Siwanowicz" as seen in The Telegraph


Brahmin moth - (Brahmaea hearseyi) Aliens on Earth: macro pictures of praying mantises and bugs by Igor Siwanowicz