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this is a good idea, but for goals I have in the next 10 yrs. Then I can look back and see if I've accomplished/changed some of these things. :)

DIY bucket list board - picture frame, chicken wire, and some clothespins. When you complete one you put in the bucket! (Keep the frame, loose the bucket and turn it into a to-do/reminder list list. Just pull it off once it's completed!

Tree camping! (Germany)

sunset tree camping on top of a Bavarian mountain summit, in Germany. I wanna do this SO bad.

DIY Ways To Make Traveling Suck Less room decor | Tumblr

Honeymoon specific one, one for prewedding, post wedding + add engraved or printed dates for span of contents.

Motivation wall... But I would probably make mine a todo wall then take the sticky note down when you've finished the task.

How a Motivation Wall Can Help You Shed Unwanted Pounds

a Motivation Wall! or motivaton college Or, if you don't have room for a wall, try writing something positive on a sticky note and sticking it on your bathroom mirror so it's the first thing you see when you wake up!

rustic coffee cup holder

Rustic Coffee Cup Holder by TheRusticBox on Etsy. I want a coffee bar space like this when we get a house.


Easy saving: take the daily coffee money, put it in a jar, and save for a vacation or unexpected expense!

Want to make this a "Not Bummer Summer?" Make a Summer Bucket List and try to tackle them all! Good Idea gonna try!

DIY Back to School Homework Station Ideas - Use a bookcase and tabletop to create a homework station or office space for two via decorating your small space

“Mama, ich hab dir ein Bild gemalt!” Kinderzeichnungen als Geschenk (+ Give-Away!)

„Mama, ich hab dir ein Bild gemalt!“ Kinderzeichnungen als Geschenk (+ Give-Away!)

"Every child is an artist." Cute vinyl for a wall of children's art. erinburrisberg "Every child is an artist." Cute vinyl for a wall of children's art. "Every child is an artist." Cute vinyl for a wall of children's art.

Not yet. I don't have enough stuff to put in it.

complete a scrapbook - CHECK complete my highschool & college scrapbook (still working on)