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Amazing Amazonite Pendant Necklace in a lovely light sky blue color. It has been wire-wrapped in a copper patina finish with an original design and has five beautiful Swarovski crystals and one Czech glass bead to accent it. It has a delicate bar above the pendant. Included is a 20 black round leath

Adams Handcrafted Jewelry. Petite Amethyst Cuff Coil Bracelet Wire wrapped in Copper Patina w/ Swarovski Crystals & Amethyst Beads.

Adams Handcrafted Jewelry. Purple Tasmanian Stichtite Gemstone Pendant Wire-wrapped in Copper Patina Finish with Glass Bead.

"Hippolyta's Pride -- Once Upon a Time". Adams Handcrafted Jewelry. A close up view of the Purple Pink Tourmaline Pendant.

Each wire wrap pendant features lovely faceted gemstones set in a circular pattern of hand woven, layered copper wire. This wire is coiled in various weaves for depth and texture, and oxidized to emphasize the attention to detail. Each pendant will arrive with an 18" copper ball chain. Vesuvianite, Peridot, Carnelian Circle (Green) 5cm Chalcedony & Garnet Circle (Light Blue) 5cm Black Spinel & Garnet Circle (Black) 5cm Kyanite & Mookaite Circle (Dark Blue) 4.5cm US First Class…