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depressed suicidal anxiety all time low pierce the veil Bring Me The Horizon oliver sykes self harm bullied my chemical romance austin carlile Andy Biersack Black Veil Brides Falling In Reverse Danny Worsnop suicide silence mitch lucker of mice & men om&m

My feels............ they..........hurt.................  *starts crying*

My feels. *starts crying*<<<*huddles in corner with person* *goes to mark* *hugs him while crying*

Andy teaches people to say fuck what everyone else thinks

Mitch Lucker, Austin Carlile, Kellin Quinn, Oliver Sykes, Alex Gaskarth MY BAES (except Andy)


And he didn't have to go through surgery to become that beautiful;<< i love the red hair phase and the long(ish) black hair phase too

They just need to add ronnie radke, andy hurley, zack merrick and Frank Iero and it's perfect

Antisepticeye and darkiplier

random headcanon idea thing: what we now call anti and dark are old (young? idk) jack and mark, and had to resort to morally ambiguous methods to get back (ie throat slitting/possession)

Literally they did save me. Meeting Felix as my first YouTuber and helping me get through the pain, which started the relationship with my best friend because of him. Then came Markimoo and Jackaboy. I love them all to death. Such wonderful friends ❤☘️

What deep, dark rabbit hole of smut did you fall in to discover this. But besides that, it's a multi topic Smut One shot book! Be prepared for cringe, and smut.


Andy Biersack(Black Veil Brides)- Kellin Quinn(Sleeping With Sirens)- Vic Fuentes(Pierce The Veil)- Ronnie Radke(Falling In Reverse)

Because we're better than your ass

My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Black Veil Brides Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil and more raised me ^_^

Trying not to laugh really loudly right now in the middle of Latin class XD

Trying not to laugh really loudly right now in the middle of Latin class XD<<<<alex and Vic omg