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    This is my first but certainly not my last tattoo. I got it 2 years ago after the very hard divorce of my parents. It’s a piece of lyrics from my all time song: Famous Last Words from My Chemical Romance. I got it because my friends have always supported me trough everything that i’ve been trough and they showed me that i never need to be afraid to walk alone because they will always walk beside me.

    27 Heart-Melting Sister Tattoos, this might be someting to consider I am a bit afraid of the needle...

    Have the courage to live. Anyone can die.

    arrow tattoos "He said, “Open the window toward the east,” and he opened it. Then Elisha said, “Shoot!” And he shot. And he said, “The LORD’S arrow of victory, even the arrow of victory over Aram; for you will defeat the Arameans at Aphek until you have destroyed them." II Kings 13:17

    Disney Tattoos | Buzzfeed Me-"THESE ARE SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!! CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO SEE THE AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!"

    I miss my dad so much, what a great way to keep a memory alive. He was great with writing sentiments in all of my cards and I still have them all!

    I walk with strength and grace. Just a reminder... On the other side I want piano keys

    This is probably one of the most uniquely placed tattoos I've seen. "What love can do". What a beautiful tattoo.

    I plead to change my life just before I dream and wake to realize the change is inside me. quote tattoo

    Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

    It is the chemical structure for dopamine, which is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that makes us feel happy and rewarded.

    I am not afraid. I was born to do this.

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    "This is a recorded sound-wave of my sister saying a quote by the artist Rob Montgomery: 'The people you love become ghosts inside of you and like this you keep them alive.'"

    Phrase Tattoo - It reads, "I'm the hero of this story, I don't need to be saved." #ink #Tattoo #Art

    This is a I saw it and I need it type of piece

    My best friend and I decided to get a tattoo…We found this “Though miles may lie between us, we’re never far apart..For friendship doesn’t count the miles, it’s measured by the heart.” She has the first part on her right thigh going down..I have the second part on my left thigh going sideways.