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Show off treasures from your coastal travels - shadow box, map, shells & sand. Use spray-mount to affix map to the back of the box. Fill the box with sand and shells you collected. DIY Tip: Make sure sand won't spill from the seams of the shadow box. If necessary, run a thin bead of wood glue along the seams to make it leak proof. have to do this for Panama @Amanda Snelson Snelson Akompi @Jess Pearl Liu Long

Rabbit fences in Western Australia and the scape from Moore River to Jigalong of the 3 girls depicted in the movie Rabbit-Proof Fence

reviewing our printer's proofs for a new city map, Mexico City All our 2016 calendars will be available in the next month or so. #riflepaperco

Archeological evidence of Sodom and Gomorrah found at these sites. End Genesis 18 and beginning of 19 is where I am reading this morning. There are many photos of the brimstone and sulphur. There are photos of the round balls unlike any found elsewhere on the earth.

Rabbit Proof Fence - I learned about this in a Vet Tech class. Rabbits were brought to Australia in the 1700s on ships. They are not indigenous. As an attempt to control their spread into pastoral areas and the incredible damage they cause to the local ecology, fences were built.