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don't ever feel bad about how awkward you are while trying to make friends because trust me i am worse sigh

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But the funniest part one gets the fact that he's saying the ones who tried something new (amateurs) succeeded while the professionals who have done it a million times failed...I don't think anyone got the inspirational analogy. Sad lol

Nathan Pyle is a prolific graphic designer that has contributed a number of t-shirt designs to Threadless. Recently, he shared some of his designs that never made it to print… Previously: The Clever Illustrations of David Olenick Pics)

**blog under construction** Alicia | Canadian | Bisexual/INTJ/slytherin/scorpio you can find a little bit of everything here, so have fun | my goal is to make your day at least a little bit brighter thanks for following!

This also applies to talking vs. writing in general with me. Me writing: *thought out sentences presented in a clear and precise manner* Me talking: *tries to say an entire sentence at once, and ends up skipping five words and combining the last two*

WARNING! Tumblr posts within. Reading required. [Part Whatever] - Imgur ~ I don't know where to put this -I wouldn't have read it if not for that last coment