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That is so true. Drew thinks he never needs a'll be 35 out and he's like it's not even that cold...Abbey does seem aware of the cold...she did not want to play in the snow at first...I could identify with her logic...but I still made her because snow does not happen too often.

story time: so when I was little, I would literally torture my Barbie dolls,like,I would make all of them hate each other and they would basically murder each other...once I had this Ariel Barbie and i made Belle hate her, so Belle took Ariel, and hung her above the ground by the tail, while smacking her repeatedly. Another time I did this thing where Ken cheated on Barbie, and Barbie pushed the girl that Ken was cheating with down two flights of states, then she stepped on her face and she…

Lessons From Our Tours: 4 Smart Ways Natasha Turned Her Small Studio Into Much Much More

So often studios are difficult to deal with because there's no separation of the types of spaces you need: living area, bedroom, kitchen and entry. Well, I recently revisited Natasha's Brooklyn studio tour and was wowed at all the smart things she did to carve out definition in her 500 square foot space. She's moved all over the world (and has the decor to prove it) so it's no wonder she's great setting up a home. Here's what she did that you can do, too.

Look at his face! He is smiling behind her back! And she did not notice it and didn't notice that Kristoff is in love. Looks like Kristoff won't say he's in love with Anna. You can see Sven shipping in the background

She wanted to play Luna, and so she did…

She wanted to play Luna, and so she did… Probably one of my favorite trivia facts about HP. You go girl!

28 YA Books Everyone Should Read

This book was incredibly raw, emotional, and enjoyable. A lot of times I felt voyeuristic looking into the main character's life because it was just THAT realistic. All of the characters basically felt like they were walking straight off the page, and it made empathy that much easier. It's understandable why Charlie did all the things she did, or maybe that's just my psych background talking. It's kind of on the long-ish side, but definitely worth every word. I hope they adapt this to film…

RECENT CUSTOMER FEEDBACK ♥ Love the products and the seller was great! ♥ I love my custom stickers that were designed for me! I sent a few pictures of the nursery and she did a custom design that matched it in a few days. I will be definitely referring my friends to this store. ♥ Ordered t

Truth...I was so angry and then happy--they definitely through me for a loop! Which is exactly what books should do.