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      BIOSNAX by Northern Biscuit Bakery. BIOSNAX is a functional biscuit designed to combine the benefit of treat-giving and your peace of mind. Each biscuit is created using a Chicory Root Base containing Prebiotic Inulin to aid digestion. These biscuits are only made form the freshest local meat and vegetable ingredients are and artisian-baked to perfection. Available in four formulas - Hip, Fresh Breath, Shiny Coat, and Calm. Available at your neighbourhood Global pet Foods store!

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    The fall season has brought cool weather and rain across many parts of the country so it's time to ensure that the pets are warm and in style! From cozy beds and cuddlers to fashionable coats and sweaters, you'll find everything you need for your pets at your neighbourhood Global Pet Foods store. #Fall2015 #coatsandsweaters www.globalpetfood...

    Fletcher smells amazing and is soft as can be thanks to our new line of Tropiclean shampoos, conditioners and freshening sprays. Visit your neighbourhood Global Pet Foods store to buy a bottle or two for your pet!

    Doggles are one of the best items for dogs who spend a lot of outdoors in the summer. Just remember to carry a portable water carrier filled with cool fresh water with you too! You'll find Doggles at a Global Pet Foods store near you; locate one using our Store Locator: www.globalpetfood...

    Indoors or outside, your pets need access to lots of cool, fresh water all throughout the day during the summer months. Check your pet’s water bowl several times each day to make sure that it’s always full. Use an automatic waterer if you work and your pets are at home. Fill up the portable water bottles with cold water (and pack them in an ice cooler) and take them with you when you head outside. Pets need to have clean, fresh, cool water during the summer.

    These two were shopping for some summer gear and look mighty fine! The beauty on the left is wearing a life vest and the one on the right was fitted for a Cooling Coat. We're sure they'll be cool, safe, healthy and happy as they beat the summer heat! #cutecustomers #summersafety #love #PetLove #GlobalPetFoods #Canada #thankyouforshopping

    Solid Gold’s holistic pet foods are carefully formulated with some of the most nutritious ingredient. Their nutrition philosophy is that they make pet food with purpose. Each dry dog & cat food recipe made begins with GoldSource Core Nutrition, their balanced blend of super foods, probiotics & perfect proteins that keep pets healthy.

    Here is a picture of Zoey, a 9 month old Brittany Spaniel enjoying her new Rogz Floating Lighthouse. Why are Rogz Floating Lighthouses great summer toys? -Easy throw cord adds distance for retrieving! -High floating visibility because it FLOATS UPRIGHT! -Long lasting durability and comfortable texture for dog's gums! -A great way to burn off your pet's extra energy! These are available at Global Pet Foods stores across Canada.

    Who says your dog can't keep active outside during the rain? Keep your pets dry while enjoying a walk outside even during the wet days. Raincoats are available in a variety of colors, sizes and for the extremely trendy dog, there are a variety of designs too! These particular ones also fold up in a pouch so that you can take it on the go with you. Visit your neighbourhood Global Pet Foods store to see their selection.

    Weruva (cans & pouches for dogs & cats) is produced in a human food facility using many of the ingredients & processes used in human food. The base proteins of chicken, beef & fish include top quality muscle meat, such as white breast chicken, whole tuna loins and select cuts of beef. Fresh vegetables & other unique ingredients -Grilled skipjack, tilapia, red bigeye tuna; calamari & shirasu are also included. Weruva is "people food for pets"; Ask for it at Global Pet Foods stores across Canada.

    It's important that cats have an outlet to exercise. Cat furniture is an essential way to help decrease your cat's boredom by stimulating their mental and physical abilities through jumping, scratching and climbing. Global Pet Foods carries a wide variety of scratchers although inventory will vary by store. Price will also vary depending on the size. Speak to the Healthy Pet Care Specialists your neighbourhood Global Pet Foods store to find the right one for your cat.

    Do you have a dog that inhales their food too quickly? The SLO-BOWLS might just be the solution. These fun-coloured bowls can help slow down your dog's eating and can help keep your pet stimulated. Available in two sizes and a variety of shapes and colours at Global Pet Foods stores across Canada.

    Some of the Global Pet Foods team members are visiting the Champion Petfoods kitchen this week. We sell Orijen and Acana dog and cat recipes, and they're two of our favourite brands. What impressed us the most? There really is fresh fruits and vegetables in their recipes and it smelled so good! What's in your bag of pet food?

    Omega Alpha HerbaCoat uses all-natural ingredients to relieve & treat hot spots & other skin irritations on dogs. This treatment uses herbal oils & extracts to provide soothing relief & prevent further irritants from affecting dogs. The herbal ingredients act as anti-histamines & anti-inflammatory agents to reduce a dog's discomfort. Formulated specifically to use on dogs after they've had a bath. Anti-inflammatory & anti-histamine agents, 4 oz spray bottle. Available at Global Pet Foods stores.

    Dr. Maggie Skin & Cat for dogs reduces excessive shedding by 70 to 90%, prevents itching & dry or flaky skin, treats allergies, hot spots and inflammatory skin disease such as eczema and dermatitis, boosts the immune system, aids digestion & fat metabolism, protects against gallstones and liver damage, accelerates healing of wounds & post-surgical recovery, prevents brain deterioration associated with aging, support nervous system function. Available at Global Pet Foods stores across Canada.

    Great dog toys for the outdoor heat - the Hydro Ring, Hydro Fetch Stick and Hydro Bone can either be frozen or soaked in cold water and helps to cool your dogs mouth as they play with it. Great dog toys for the summer can be found at Global Pet Foods stores across Canada.

    Give your dog a treat and a healthy supplement, all in one! Flora4 Sprouted Seed Snacks are loaded with live nutrients and bioavailable vitamins minerals. A few biscuits a day will nutritionally complement a Raw diet OR improve the daily nutrition of dogs eating processed foods. Available at Global Pet Foods stores across Canada.

    Caru Pet Food has introduced a line of super-premium stews for dogs. Caru Real Beef, Chicken, Turkey and Pork Stews have USDA-inspected meat or poultry as the first ingredient, along with carefully selected vegetables fruit. The recipes are prepared in small batches in the US and do not contain wheat, gluten, corn, soy, animal by-products or preservatives. The Stews are packed in Tetra Pak cartons. Great for small dogs or recommended to be used as a topper for kibble to enhance your dog's meal.

    Are you looking for a yummy and healthy treat for your dog? We recommend HeroDogTreats™. HeroDogTreats™ are 100% Canadian from CFIA inspected facilities from human grade animals. They are Canadian! To satisfy their desire to assist veterans, HeroDogTreats™ only employs veterans and/or their families. To support those veterans struggling with PTSD or disabilities, they also sponsor the Canadian Service Dog Foundation & donate a portion of their proceeds. Available at Global Pet Foods.

    Whether your pet is scared of thunder or fireworks, or yellow urine burns on your lawn, we have great solutions for you and your pet during these warmer months! You'll find the best products that will help to keep your pets happy and healthy during the spring and summer months!

    Stella & Chewy's is a line of Freeze-Dried Dinners for Dogs & Cats. The benefits and features of this food are: It's 100% Complete & Balanced, 90-95% Meat, Organs & Ground Bone, No Added Hormones & Antibiotic-Free, No Grains & Gluten-Free. Available at your neighbourhood Global Pet Foods store.

    New Four-Star Grain-Free Lamb & Lentil Recipe for dogs. This new artisan recipe pays homage to gourmet Greek cuisine. Lamb & Lentil Recipe is lovingly tended to in small batches using hand-selected cuts of lamb together with lentils, chickpeas, zucchini, olive oil and other farm-fresh produce. Made to compliment the other 10 recipes within the Four-Star line, Lamb & Lentil Recipe can be fed either on its own or in rotation with any of the other Fromm Four-Star artisan offerings.

    The easy to assemble K&H Pet Cot requires no tools! Can be disassembled and taken anywhere. The raised mesh cot cools your pet while keeping them off the ground. For indoor or outdoor use. • 600 Denier Waterproof Fabric •Durable mesh center keeps pets cool •2 sizes available • Strength-Tested • Easy to assemble, no tools required • Rubber Feet-Non-skid •1 Year Warranty* Stock may vary by store but you can place a special order for this bed at any Global Pet Foods store across Canada.

    Spring Naturals is a complete family of dinners and treats for pets designed to provide no-compromise nutrition for your best friend. While a new brand to Global Pet Foods, you'll find it many of our stores across Canada. Check out this colorful infographic on just some of the superfood ingredients you'll find in Spring Naturals dinners & treats!

    Visit our website for a coupon to receive a FREE Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Treat when you purchase two. Orijen Freeze Dried Treats are made with 100% natural meats, poultry or fish (and nothing else!), all gently freeze dried to lock in their goodness. Orijen treats offer a taste experience your dog will truly love! Available at Global Pet Foods stores across Canada.

    Global Pet Foods stores across Canada are stocking up on all of the Fall and Winter essentials, including coats, sweaters, and jackets for dogs! Buy early in the season before they're gone!