cupcake hues

pink and turquoise mix

macaron hues

still life hues

This is a similar pallet to what I want, but I'm afraid this one is a bit to light.

bouquet color

The most romantic combination of translucent turquoise, sparkling aquamarine and creamy pink hue, which accompanies the birth of a new day. This palette is.

NUANCIER ■ Marshmallow Hues, de haut en bas [en RVB] : (240,244,227) (232,223,226) (227,195,208) (126,187,192) (178,225,217) (207,240,221)

.... Voor meer inspiratie of dit is geen ontwerp van S&T maar wel wat ons aanspreekt

Cupcake blues color palette. White, Light Mauve, Raspberry, Green Teal, Seafoam Green

ceramic tones - design seeds

flora refresh - peach and blue?! With a dash of pink?? YES please!!

nature hues

"design seeds" - another website to find the perfect color palette

great hues!

fresh pink Love the blue. Looking for the perfect blue for my kitchen and/or laundry room

Lavender Hues -

macaw hues


Summer vintage -- reminds me of the new SC Sherbet, Buttercup, and Mint Julep mists!