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Eugen Sandow (April 2, 1867 – October 14, 1925), born Friedrich Wilhelm Müller, was a Prussian pioneering bodybuilder known as the "father of modern bodybuilding".

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O primeiro beijo filmado foi entre duas mulheres

Eadweard Muybridge 'two women greeting each other'. Reminds me of Jacopo Carucci detto il Pontormo, La Visitazione / Bill Violas 'the greeting'.

Lt Jole [this is a nod to Dira Sudis -AO3:The World That You Need- take on the lovely young man who is the Prime Minister's personal secretary] (Konstantin Somov portrait of Boris Snezhkovsy "The Boxer" 1933)

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Hina Print

Art by Brittney Lee! Hina is the Hawaiian goddess of the moon, death, and rebirth. One particular legend that I enjoy is that Hina lived in the sea and was tired of her toilsome underwater existence, so she left the water and escaped to the moon.

In Teutonic folklore, undines are female water-spirits who like to associate with humans. They often join villagers in their dances and merry-making. An undine was created without a soul, but by marrying a mortal and bearing him a child she obtained a soul and with it all the pains and penalties of the human race.

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Word Origins From Mythological Gods