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6 Ways Mr. Knightley is the Ideal of Manhood and Chivalry - by Dr Mitchell Kalpakgian | As his name implies, Mr. Knightley epitomizes the gentleman, a man whose manners, conduct, and treatment of all human beings reflects honor, courtesy, chivalry, and thoughtfulness.

Overcoming Evil With Good: How Catholics Are Responding to Satanism - by John Clark | Many Catholics in America are aware that sacrilegious “black masses” happen across the country. This rise in satanism is prompting a fascinating response...

Praise & Compliments: Christ Himself Shows How It Should Be Done - by Mitchell Kalpakgian

Pope Francis Just Delivered The Best Speech of the Year - by John Clark | On October 18, Pope Francis approached an audience to deliver perhaps the most important speech of his papacy.

David Copperfield: How Dickens Humanizes a Heartless World - by Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian | In Dickens’ David Copperfield, an autobiographical novel narrated by David based on many events in Dickens’ own life...

6 Ways To Stop Numbering Things - by John Clark | As I look back on my columns, I realize that I have been numbering things too much.

A Piece of Heaven in Hell: The Moral Miracle of the Christmas Truce - by Bob Wiesner | And yet, in the midst of the misery, a moral miracle occurred with virtually no precedent: the Christmas truce of 1914.

Samuel Johnson: The Extraordinary Truth-Lover & Friend - by Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian | Although Dr. Samuel Johnson is not a fictional character in a novel, he is the subject of a great biography. The preeminent man of letters in the eighteenth century, Dr. Johnson accomplished extraordinary feats of writing.

4 Things Mother Teresa Taught The World About Poverty and How We Can Help The Poor - by John Clark