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Picture of wolf howling

When wolf pups (like this one on Canada’s Ellesmere Island) are born, they are deaf and blind. Pups don’t gain control of their hind legs until they’re three weeks old, forcing them to crawl in the meantime.

Meet Thunder!  An Arctic/Timber Wolf staying at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Ramah, NM ran by the wonderful Mr. Leyton Cougar.  If you wish to sponsor Thunder or his siblings, head on over to www.wildwolfsanctuary.org

Thunder might be the best example out of the wolf pups that even though hand-raised, these animals are still wolves.

Facial Expressions: A wolf’s face is a dynamic display of visual cues. A dominant wolf’s curled lips, bared teeth, fixed stare, and ears jutting out horizontally tell other wolves to back off. (Living with Wolves)

Picture by Jim and Jamie Dutcher Gray wolf pup begs an adult for a bone to chew

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Wolves are often friends with crows and ravens, working together to hunt and eating together. The crows look for food and tell the wolf where it is and shares the meat once the wolf catches it