Beads, beads, beads

DIY Curtains Made of Buttons

Boho Beaded Curtain

Rainbow Catcher with Fire-Polished Beads, German Crystal Beads and Seed Beads - Fire Mountain Gems and Beads


Argh someone make this for me! lol Bohemian Gypsy Decor Sign Original Art by evesjulia12 on Etsy, $68.00

Where can I get these curtains?

DIY curtains

Sun Catcher

Glass Bead Curtain

crystal beaded curtainglass beads curtain home decor by lingyunji,

From my board: Bohemian Homes 2 ........... Suncatcher beaded curtain.

Beads for kitchen window

Gypsy Curtains

Beaded Curtain

wire curtain

For new deck???

Make a Paper Bead Curtain. A great idea for using those leftover, mismatched paper beads that you aren't quite sure how to ever use.

This Blog has some really cool, inexpensive ideas for decorating the home!

Love this for a shower curtain, or a room curtain! Inspiration!!

Beaded letter crafted out of Mardi Gras beads and cardboard