kinda douchie tattoos, but such a pretty face.. #damn

Forget the tattoos, look at this gorgeous man!!!

Ari Levanael--Aussie aerial circus superstar

Marco Da Silva.. Damn

Who are we kidding, this one has nothing to do with the tattoos.

In case you forget have it tattooed on your chest to remind you every morning. "Live and Learn" the eye candy is nice too! ;)


Can I get an AMEN ladies!

Ill close my mouth in a sec!

Daniel Conn. rugby player

I'm gonna' imagine this being Jeffory, the felon. I imagined him a little older, but this will do for now.

artmasculin: L’Art Au Masculin

mateus verdelho ^I have no idea who this man is, but he has the hair of a member of a boyband, the facial hair of Johnny Depp, the body of an olympian and the tattoos of Adam Levine. And it's impressive.

Tattoos are so sexy!image VISIT & FOLLOW FOR RED BEAUTY

I would be quite happy with this. ;) Guys with tattoos are always more attractive, in my opinion.

oh my ;)


hes hot.