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    Cacao Euphoria - have to try this (cacao bliss tastes gritty, so excited to try this)!

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Here is a great list of delicious ground beef recipes. These are so easy to make and one of my favorites when I need to pull together a quick meal.

Biryani is a super delicious and aromatic one-pot Indian rice specialty. This soya chunks biryani is a protein rich and easy to make version of the famous biryani. (Switch to chicken. No soy)

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How To Make Mango Puree And Freeze It......dont waste your money on a can of mango pulp when you can do this at home minus the added preservatives and color....from scratch!!

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Chocolate Chia Seed Puddingi - high in protein and fiber and so many different vitamins including B vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, manganese, and zinc. They are a good source of calcium and omega 3 fatty acids which we could all get more of. - So good for you, guilt free dessert - almost like eating all vegetables.

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