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Decibel Meter for #WindowsPhone. This app uses your built in Mic to determine the intensity level of sounds it picks up. Simply start up Decibel Meter and it will automatically start to capture sounds.

Do you snore when you sleep? Do you disturb your family with your noise? Do you force your partner to sleep on the sofa? Well, so the solution is Snore Killer - app for #WindowsPhone. Snore Killer can analyse your noises. When it detects a sound that exceeds the threshold, your WP7 will start whistling. You can set the most suitable sound, the number of repetitions and the threshold.

Legimi - e-book reader for Windows Phone:

Nihao - Chinese language Course for Windows Phone:

Interesting Statistics of Top 5 Social Media Sites [Infographic]

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The Power of the Social Consumer [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Power of the Social Consumer

Linked In

Linked In

Linked In