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  • P.Dron - Citron Bien

    i refuse to sink- #tatoo

  • StylisedFatalism

    "I refuse to sink" Lady, anchors sink. That's ALL they do. "I refuse to drift away" maybe, because anchors stop things from drifting away by sinking. Or maybe "I refuse to sink" with a picture of a duck next to it. I don't know. All I know is if that anchor is refusing to sink, it's not doing its job and it should be fired.

  • Olivia Payne

    "I refuse to sink." @Melisa Pierce this made me think of you :)

  • Michelyne Babineau

    I love this. "I refuse to sink." quote and the placement!!

  • Kaitlin Carl

    i refuse to sink: such a cute idea for a tattoo. and i love the placement :)

  • Charissa Babcock

    Anchor : I refuse to Sink. Another Anchor tattoo idea once I get the money to get a tattoo

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i refuse to sink...LOVE this!! Anothing thing I REALLY needed to see today!

We all have strength to preserver

This would make an adorable tattoo...

I refuse to sink

i would just like to point out that this is an anchor... made of iron/steel, VERY heavy, MADE TO SINK, and stay ANCHORED in the ocean.... soooo is the anchor is useless in your endeavor to refuse to sink.

This looks cool but is actually stupid because anchors are designed to sink. So if you don't sink then you are actually failing. Can we think about content/meaning over cosmetic appeal for a little?

I tend to judge people with these tattoos. Anchors are literally made for sinking so I think the tattoo as a whole contradicts itself.

Tattoo, anchor tattoo, I refuse to sink