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That moment when your teacher says 'pick a partner', you give your best friend the sexiest pedophile look ever

lol this used to be me (and everyone) in college...not really at all anymore ... except... i had to post because i woke up at 2am this morning and after laying there for 4 more hours finally got up and got on here. lol

"Some people can't sleep because they have insomnia. I can't sleep because I have Internet connection.

Actually it's me washing the dishes and Adam slowly putting his dirty dishes in the sink

That awkward moment when i'm doing dishes and my family slowly puts their dishes in the sink. All the time :)

oh pinterest... there you go again, reading my mind.

That awkward moment when you have a better chance at finding Waldo then a boyfriend.(well, I have a Waldo tattoo & a boyfriend, so I think this doesn't apply to me)

That would be so funny. I don't think I could do it though

Next time I go in an elevator i am totally saying that.

Funny Pictures – 44 Pics. Holy I remember all those shows

holy crap, I do feel old.was Shrek really that long ago? and dylan and cole are wtf?

#sotrue all the time

I pretty much say omg I hate this damn song. And then sing the whole thing in a mocking tone, just so everyone knows. I really hate this song.


relatable post # 18 you know when you walk into a room and forget why you went in there? thats god playing sims, he just canceled your action. (= Because I'm A Geek,Chuckles,Hum