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  • Maggie McLeod

    Very Funny Day Quotes I Don't Like Making Plans For The Day Because then the word Premeditated Gets thrown around the courtoom

  • Peggy B.

    Funny Confession Ecard: I don't like making plans for the day, because then the word 'premeditated' gets thrown around in the courtroom.

  • Carly Rose

    True story!

  • lesley-ann kirk

    #LOL | Just Laughs Fun and Humor

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I've lived here my entire life, surf, fish, kayak, swim, snorkel, paddle board etc and I still freak if I touch something under the water and then I book it!!

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This was college!!! I was called a reprobate by my Geology professor because of this kind of stuff. :)

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Hehehe. Id have some fun. And id turn people I like into unicorns with my magical self and then the world would be rid of idiots and filled with magical psycho unicorns. The good kind of psycho though not the serial killer kind.

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I'm sorry. I respect Soccer, and it's great and all, but this is just to funny not to re-pin.

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