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Beautiful Red Hair

HAIR!!!! And dream, dream all the time away (by Nadia Esra)

Hair Colors

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Ahhhhh Nadia

Nadia Esra!

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Luanna Perez

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pretty skirt

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Ideas Nadia

Ezra Nadie

Sweater Skirt

Nadiaesra Vintage

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Zara Socks

I can tell how time can bend your ideas (by Nadia Esra)

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Pinterest P1Nkchan3L

After way too many years - giving me the hair I've wanted for so long. My hair is actually growing and is much softer. I am obsessive with my hair, I wanted really long. This “grow new hair treatment” works very well, and smells terrific. I have been using the product for over three months now and my hair grows dramatically, seems to be totally speed growing! In fact, I lose much less hair than normal now. My hair has never been in better condition!

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Thigh High Socks Outfit

Black Knee

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All black + knee highs

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Wars Girl

Star Wars


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Soldiers of my heart (by Nadia Esra)

Wachabuyfrom Wachabuy

75 Summer Outfit Ideas

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Lace Top

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#street #style long-sleeve crop top @wachabuy

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Nadia E. - H Old Man Coat, Sweater, Skirt

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Collar Necklace

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Top Knot


Burgundy Skirt Outfit Winter

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Skirt Fallintofashion14

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tulle skirt

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Luanna Perez

Blacktights Blackjacket

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cool Fashion ideas #GreenDress #BlackTights #BlackJacket... by

Boho Chic

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Black White

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pinterest : @hanxxsolo

Overknee Socks Winter

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Causewaymall Sweater

Ezra Nadie

Comfy Fall Outfits

Nadia Esra - Causewaymall Sweater, Hans! Floral Skirt, Shoulderbag, H&M Overknees, Hema Socks, Zara Heels - Is it rain or is it me?

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