Big jingle bells hanging on your door handle. I did this last year but can't find my bells this year! Sad face!


Christmas decorating ideas

| Tin star Christmas ornaments. There's a link to where you can buy the tin cutouts that are well-priced and they ship to Australia |

Door knob and old door. I love antique door knobs. Someday I would like a different one on every door of my house (wait, I actually have that right now)!

Jingle Bell Garland

I love to hear the jingle of bells . . .

Hidden Doors, Secret Rooms, and the Hardware that makes it possible! - Fine Home-building

Perfectly prim Christmas vignette!

Jingle bells.

Upside-down hook behind the door to hang your wreath or welcome sign.


Jingle Bells


Jingle bells & candles as a centerpiece for Christmas. Hitting up the dollar store!

decorate the tree

via that inspirational girl

Set of three oval fiberboard boxes all stenciled with Christmas motifs.

This looks so cozy, nothing but the light of the Christmas tree and fireplace.

A coupling of green balls and red bells hangs from the ceiling of the breakfast room, while each chair holds its own stocking ornament.

Love the bells