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    Laws! We have to obey them. Federal, state, and municipal. Sometimes they frustrate us. We'd like to drive just a little faster, pay lower taxes, or fix the problems within education or the insurance industry. But...there are some silly or crazy...

    "i'm innocent officer, i didn't steal that ball of yarn! i promise"

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    Your boot is soft. Can I have it? No? I promise I won't scratch you! Still no? Fine. I get to scratch you.

    "What makes you think it was me who was playing with your yarn?" =^.^=...... Mine does just the same, and then that look!!!

    Did anyone see the cat run past here?


    The best gift! Golden retriever


    indignant cat

    What, you adopted me?

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    See what had happened was.....

    Howler monkeys have short snouts and wide-set, round nostrils. Their noses are very keen, and the Howler monkey can smell out its food (primarily fruit and nuts) up to 2km away. Their noses are usually roundish snout-type, and the nostrils have many sensory hairs growing from the interior.

    what have I done? I did not know motherhood would be like this. Cute. Incensewoman

    Awww it's like that time when you were a kid and you swore you didn't eat the last brownie, but all the evidence is there on your face.

    can you eat all that