Peluche o cagnolino? :-)

When Boo nuzzled Buddy’s neck and Buddy just went with it. | 42 Times Boo And Buddy Were The Cutest Dogs In The World In 2014

Boo looking extra fluffy!

SAMOYED puppies: I think this is the type of dog I want!!!!

Seriously hard to believe this is a real dog!! It looks like a toy...or a giant cotton ball :) Still cute

When they were dangerous. | 42 Times Boo And Buddy Were The Cutest Dogs In The World In 2014

Halloween costume for your dog! So cute! #halloween #halloweendecorations #costumes #halloweencostumes #pumkpins #halloweencandy

can you find the real Boo

His name is Boo & he has his own book and was named the cutest dog in the world in 2011.

Cute!! Makes me think of our ol dog Squirt. She was an old English sheepdog tho looked like an oversized stuffed animal


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The 40 Cutest Things That Happened This Year - I don't know who had the time to put this page together, but I love it

Teddy B needs a hairstyle like this #humor #blogger #funny #animals #dogs

Catahoula Leopard Dog