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  • Love. Laugh. Live.

    Posted on Facebook by "Fairies, Dragons and Other Mythological Creatures" - this little guy looks so real!!!

  • Pat Hastings

    This is a baby unicorn. Look at the picture is it real, or fantasy? How do you know? What is the baby unicorn doing...or, going to do? Why? Share your thoughts with a partner, or small group. Follow by writing a short story, using the picture as the inspiration.

  • Rocio Bacino

    Fantasy, Fairytales, Myth, and Magic

  • Staci H

    Baby Unicorn!! This incredibly lifelike little unicorn, who looks ready to scamper, cavort, and make all of your dreams come true, is a sculpture, entitled Aura, created by R. Wake, an artist who goes by the name Indigo-Ocean on DeviantArt.

  • Hugo

    One day I want to walk into my backyard and find a baby unicorn whose backpacks $19.9 new design,jansport backpacks,jansport backpacks for girls,3d animals bags #backpack #jansport #whosepet #whosepetbags

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I saw this picture and thought of a line I've seen before... "Chuck Norris likes his meat so rare that he only eats unicorn"

Fantasy Taxidermy: Unicorn. The picture displayed is of "Ulrich the Unicorn" or my first taxidermy piece. He weighs approximately 8 lbs mounted on the wall. He is made from a taxidermy form, sculpey, alpaca wool, glass eyes, paint, wood and just a bit of blood, sweat and tears. He is the size of a small white tail buck.

UNICOOOORRRRRRRNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My theory for unicorns, mermaids, and fairies: they do exist but they stay hidden so they won't be caged in a zoo or circus ;) just saying

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Tiaras on horses Just in case I have a daughter In case my daughter loves unicorns

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