Funny how the lamb has a heart shaped nose, and yet Jesus the Messiah is the Lamb of God who comes bearing love!!!!


Piggy with spot shaped like a heart.

Too cute! Horse and lamb

Silly little lamb

Sheep were originally from Europe and were traded to the americas as animals for the farm, food, and were used as materials (their wool).these animals were good for fertilization and spreading of seeds as well.


One must think of the Lamb of God when seeing this pecious picture.

look at that little face!!!

sweet lamb - how can something that looks as sweet as this end up on the dinner table? It is a private ethycal desicion - lambs has been provided humain beens since forewer and it´s a fact.P.s....gey couples can´t produce next generation naturally,but we tolerate them for something what they are,not killing for what they are not....fantics can shut,zip or whatever their ideologys....Basta :))))


Country Life

melting my heart...Content in a Cottage

little lamb

so sweet and cute---they are no lamb chop!!! How could eat something that is so darn cute? All Animals have the will to live and feel fear and pain. Have a ♥ heart ♥ and choose not to eat animals ...and not to sheer their wool :)