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    Baby caracals are the cutest babies!

    • Ivy Blais

      The last pinner said: "Baby lynx" but technically that is incorrect. This, is actually a 'Caracal'. A caracal is a kind of African wild cat, which shares many features with its felid cousin the lynx, but they are found (obviously) on entirely different continents. It's one of the few big cat distinctions I recognize on sight, as caracals, are one of my favourites of the 'Genus Felis', otherwise known as the 'Felidae'. :)

    • Amaya Ells

      A Baby lynx could be a pet of a character, or an animal they are raising.

    • Kristina Lewis

      baby lynx. I got to pet and play with one in Oregon it was so beautiful

    • Jonathon Botsford

      Baby lynx. so #Cute pet #pet girl|

    • Justin Winslow

      I think I just figured out what kind of pet I want: Baby Lynx

    • Wendy Fujimori

      Caracal Kitten by Anthony Ponzo Big Cat Wild Cat

    • Get To Know

      This is a Wild Baby Caracal! An African Wildcat!

    • Nikki M

      Baby Lynx #baby #animal #lynx

    • Erika Delph

      Baby caracal wild cat

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    A caracal is a golden cat that lives in dry regions, from Africa to India. When a caracal is ready to attack, it turns its ears toward its back, but doesn't completely flatten them

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    The caracal /ˈkærəkæl/ (Caracal caracal), also known as the desert lynx, is a wild cat that is widely distributed across Africa, central Asia and southwest Asia into India. In 2002 the IUCN listed the caracal as Least Concern as it is widespread and relatively common. The felid is considered threatened in north Africa, and rare in the central Asian republics and India.[2]


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    Baby caracal

    Caracal kittens (by Michael Durham/Oregon Zoo)

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