It like the evil dog from the penguins Christmas but sooo cute and not evil because it dose not eat penguins from the zoo!


Maltese. I love the tongue sticking out LOL!! Riley looked just like this when he was a baby, now he's 7 years

Adorable little Maltese posing in his little pumpkin basket! Celebrate the holiday season with us in style at your local Duane Reade.

such a little baby

Whats a house without a cute little puppy running around!!!

teddy bear dog. If found please return to me even though I am not the owner I would love to snuggle with him while you seek the actual owner


Puppy: Japanese Dog Shiba Inu|柴犬


Bichon babies

Maltese Puppy

Maltese His face remind me on an Ewalk from the Star Wars Movies. :)

Look up maltese and you'll die! This is what my dog would've looked like if we got her as a puppy! They are sooooo cute!

cute bichon!


One of the top ten dog breeds that don't shed. Maltese-puppy

Maltipoo. a maltese and a poodle. yes it is okay to cry

.pink puppy bichon

Maltese cutie