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Pff, who wants to hang out and have a life when you can cry yourself to sleep? Qwq

"Do you ever stop in the middle of what you're doing and realize 'This is real life and I'm a real person' and get really depressed"

from Suzanne Heyn

How are the chakras and emotions related? Part I

Learn about chakras and emotions. Spirituality | self-love | self-love | depression | anxiety | spirituality | meditate | yoga

some grown adults live as children in fit bodies. Let the rules save the society and let breaking them save your soul.

Struggling to deal with your stress and anxiety problems? Here are 9 natural remedies for anxiety that you can try out yourself. #anxiety #natural #remedies #stress

perfect! i need this when i'm stressed   #anxiety #depression #stress

perfect! i need this when i'm stressed #anxiety #depression #stress

This is definitely a much safer and natural way to treat ?depression?. For more proven and no nonsense tips on natural and home remedies for depression, be sure to click on this link...

from My Natural Baby Birth

How To Meditate For Beginners: Why You’ll Never Give It Up

I have seen instant benefits of meditation, calmer mind, less anxiety and depression, greater clarity in my life, better ability to focus; I wish I'd started sooner!