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Tôt ou tard, ceux qui t'ont blessé finiront par ramper à tes pieds pour s'excuser. Inutile de se venger, la roue finit toujours par tourner.

unlike your trash husband...I told the truth. Guess I knew to much, I'll take the slap I got for telling his dirty little secrets! Bet you didn't know that huh? Yes, I got hit for exposing him!!! You're just as spineless as he is, you chose a dick over your own family, THIS IS YOUR KARMA! I told the truth, tried to show you who he really was...but your brain was already to clouded. Look at you now...hate to say I TOLD YOU SO! I have no problem admitting my fuck ups....this I didn't do!

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this is my motto today..if it calls, texts or enters my thoughts with negativity or positivity, voicemail it is. Inspirational divorce quote #trashthedress