Family in Blue: Officer Daryl Raetz (Phoenix, AZ) was killed by a passing vehicle during a DUI traffic stop on March 19, 2013. On March 22, his daughter was to graduate from kindergarten. His squad decided to attend in support, but soon many more officers came. This picture is of the graduate, her mom, and extended family in blue. You don't need to be blood to be family.


I support law enforcement

For the friends and family of law enforcement... Those who "Support the Line"

You are excited that it may snow tomorrow? Obviously, you don't work at the hospital or in law enforcement.. Lol

Don't Like Cops? Next Time Call a Crack Head.

Always waiting for the moment the truck turns the corner and I know for a short time I don't have to sleep alone.

Police officers

1% of the population serves in the military. Another 1% or so serves as police officers. Everyone else falls into either of two categories: 1) People who support them. 2) People who judge them. Law Enforcement Today

Had to bury my training officer. I hope and pray to never attend another LEO's funeral.

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Law enforcement officers

Police Officers

police wife Valentine's Day ~ however, I don't listen to the scanner.

A hero holding the lone survivor of a triple homicide. Speechless...

Law Enforcement Today

Never, ever under estimate how much they hurt when they see a child beaten, a woman wounded, an innocent man killed.....May God give them the comfort they need in those dark moments.

I have b/c I have been there and 2 b/c I know the guys handle it 10X's worse when they are there....baaahahahahahaha

National Police Week: May 12-18

So true