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    • Jennifer Henninger

      funny quotes | Tumblr so true

    • Naomi Chav

      EVERY. TIME. Haha, except I think I scowl a lot more. |Humor||LOL||Funny cartoons||Sleeping humor|

    • Erin

      I was laugh whenever someone wakes up in a perfectly happy, and beautiful way in the movies. I sit there and laugh like "AHAHAH that is so fake, if that were me I'd be waking up like a real person. Quiet, and wishing to kill everything." XD

    • Melinda Radojcsics

      Waking up. Sadly, this is very true. I'm not a great morning person.

    • Sofia Calsy

      Waking up so true lolol

    • Mehdi Tihani

      For more funny pictures visit:

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