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Oh. My. GOODNESS!!!! Soooo true!! I had a dr try to send me home from the ER with a gall bladder on the verge of erupting because when he said "How are you feeling?", I said, "With my hands." His reply... "Well, I guess you're doing better. Now we can get you outta here, and headed home." ?!?!?!?

It can be hard to say no when I really DO want to go and do something, but I know my body and some days the fun is worth paying the price for, some days I just can't. People don't understand to go to their 2-hour "event" will cost me at least 48 hours. (So true)

Having Fibromyalogia and a job means that you must become a very good actor to survive.

Funny cause it's true

Remember, a side effect of prednisone is rage. I can't be held responsible for my actions.