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Eliminating the stomach parsites you almost certainly have

Think anyone has tested all these chemicals eaten at once - over several years in the human body? Nope! But, I can guess what happens - Don't be Frito Lay's guinea pig! Instead, check this post for non-toxic options that won't wreck your health - my favorite non-GMO snacks!

FDA Admits Chicken Meat Contains Arsenic also. ►

Cancer isn't actually a disease, but in fact an ancient survival mechanism of the body which is activated via epigenetic changes in its micro-environment or terrain of the body. When the pH of the blood begins to drop (from the over consumption of processed, non-organic, acidic food), the cells of the body begin to alter their state so they can live in a very acidic environment. - from Wellness Uncovered Health Forum

When it comes to abdominal pain, location is an important clue to finding the problem. -Shared from Dr David B Samadi

Take Action! GMO Inside Food Democracy Now! Friends of the Earth U.S. Organic Consumers Association

It all comes back full circle. Autoimmune disorders are directly linked to leaky gut. Be aware of what you put in your body! Harmful chemicals are not the answer. Puremedy supplements are soon to come, and they will help combat any intestinal/gut issues.

The Mind Unleashed - This is HUGE news and no one is talking about it. The Lancet, the world's oldest and most prestigious medical journal, recently published a report classifying Fluoride as a dangerous neurotoxin. The report puts Fluoride in the same category Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury...

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