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      Based on the concept of Live, Work and Play that has swamped the imagination of the new generation of workforce living in the metropolitan cities of India, project Earth TechOne has three broad structures which are Earth Studios – ready to move-in fully furnished Studio Apartments replete with all the basic requirements one needs to stay.

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    A professional snowboarder in California figured out a genius way to get closer to the slopes. Mike Basich built this tiny 225-square-foot home in the middle of his 40-acre property near Truckee, Calif. He told Laura Ling from “Going off the Grid” about how he built his new digs by hand. “It took me five years — two and half years to do all the rock work. I think I moved about 175 ton of rock.”

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    underground houses

    Main dome and four niches, very low cost. Can be repeated and joined together to form larger homes and courtyard houses. Very thick walls have significant thermal mass, which reduces heating and cooling costs. It also provides sound insulation, structural integrity, fire and pest protection. Designed with the sun, shade and wind in mind for passive cooling and heating. Wind-scoop can be combined with a rated furnace unit. Solar energy and radiant heating may be incorporated.


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    green roof and cordwood

    Eco Pods incorporate the following features: • High level of thermal insulation of up to .18 for the 4m pod and .16 for the 6m pod • Sealed Envelope (no air leakage) • Hot air recovery ventilation • Wood/ solid fuel burning stove • Under floor heating • Full recycling facility (5 separate waste shoots) • Factory built (controlled work environment) Optional extras: • Solar Panels – PV Panels /Wind Turbine /Thermal storage tank • Backup Generator – dry toilet – rain water harvesting

    A great blog, following a family's journey in builing their cordwood home.

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    Concrete Canvas Shelters: Rapidly Deployable Hardened Shelter – Just Add Water!

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    Step by step pics how to build a tree house

    Treehouse-don’t use too many fasteners. One large bolt is better than many screws or nails. You get the same strength but with fewer puncture wounds to the tree. Whenever possible, perch your tree house on top of fasteners rather than pinning beams to the tree. This gives the tree room to move and grow. Even for smaller, lighter tree houses where the load is spread over three or four attachment points, consider using 1-in.- or 1-1/4-in.-diameter lag bolts.

    ❧ The advantage of combining two alternative natural building mediums: load-bearing earthbag walls provide mega-thermal mass, while an exterio...

    I always wondered how they built those ceilings

    Fish ponds provide an easy source of food, entertainment and water. Building them into adobe homes is genius.

    prefab earth-sheltered homes. Love this. Instant, modern Hobbit hole.

    Information on underground homes, earth sheltered homes, earth berms, dugouts, etc.

    Another type of building is emerging: one that actually heals the scars of its own construction. It conserves rainwater and fuel and it provides a habitat for creatures other than the human one. Maybe it will catch on, maybe it wont. Well see. - Malcolm Wells