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How to build a portable solar panel system By eHow Contributor - This gave me an idea to create a portable solar power generator. It is not an original idea, and I found a ton of sites online that show you how to make one. This thing can be used to provide power on a boat, to a shed, in a cabin, on an RV, while camping, or even in emergencies. Here is how to do it!

Drive On Wood! | Woodgas Power.

Thermoelectric Fan Powered by a Candle Better writeup than many. Looks good due to heatsink used. A Thermoelectric generator powered by a tealight. It started as an experiment of how much power I could get from one candle. But I liked the idea and it worked really well so I built this electric-mechanical ornament. I did not use a high temperature TEG-module, but instead a cheap TEC-module. That can still handle 200 degrees Celsius which is good enough.

Drive On Wood! | Woodgas Power.

GEK Wiki / Inventory of Online Wood Gas Generator Plans

Drive On Wood! | Woodgas Power.

Power Up Your Homestead with a Lister Diesel Engine

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LEAF Gasifier | Woodgas Power, capable of running up to a 10KW generator on nothing but dry wood.

Bedu Emergency Rapid Reponse Kit The Bedu Emergency Rapid Response Kit is a keg-sized drum full of durable life-saving gear. It's built to support eight adults for up to five years and it includes a water-filtration system, medicine and tool kits, a multi-fuel stove, a radio and a hand-crank generator with a photovoltaic battery pack and a strip-cell blanket. Not only that, but the skeleton of the barrel can be used to create a shelter.

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Brunton Hydrogen Reactor. Months of power.

Wood Gasifiers - Generate power with wood!

wind power, off-grid living.

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Large Heat-Powered Wood Stove Fan - This is awesome!!!!!!

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