Love this scarf!

scarf necklace

Jewelry Scarf!2

How to line a crew neck with a Gavroche (pocket square scarf)

TAUPE Infinity Circle Scarf Shawl Loop with leather by Zojanka, $29.90


This is actually really easy to do (minus the ends sewn together). I just did it with two pashminas and I think I may be in love...

Mint Cotton Lace Triangle Shawl Scarf - Cowl with Lace Edge - Women's Fashion Accessories DIDUCI - This is not a tutorial but it would be so easy to make

Scarf Necklace

Pretty sure I can make this myself.


Scarf necklace on Etsy

Scarf /necklace

scarf necklace


cute scarf cuffs

Scarf Necklace - This is a retail website and shows all the different ways you can wear this, pretty cool


jewelry scarf

Fashion and Jewelry all in one. Garden Girl Bling. I love that i can have a scarf and still have a jewelry pendant.

Scarf Tying Tip: There are maybe hundreds of ways you could potentially tie a scarf, but let’s be honest, you only need a few of your favs. I love this one because it’s easy but looks like you actually have a sense of style, AND it stays put! Just try it once and you will always tie your scarves like this.