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haha we always tease about this in my family!

My dad is bald. My mom has short, straight hair. Both of my sisters have curls but prefer straighten their hair.

they always say my hair is poofy and im like, 'are you kidding, this is prctically straight' or 'oh ha no,no,no. you dont understand the meaning of the word.'

straight haired girl: my hair is poofy curly haired girl : no, no, no yours is straight.mine is poofy

And people insist on telling you your hair is crunchy all day...thaanks :)


SO TRUE. That used to be me, and then I learned how to actually make my hair cooperate. Who woulda knew.

Dammit. Get this all the time.

Curly Hair Problem I will kill the next person that says this. It is not a compliment

Whenever I straighten my hair I get so surprised when my fingers come out without a fight

Has not accepted my curls completely yet. But at the same time ive been frying my hair for 3 years so. I'll guess I'll just wear it up all the time with cute braids :D

Curly Hair Problems

Curly Hair Problems haha d hates going shopping in the products isle!

Curly hair problem - l love you hair, it's just so poofy. Every damn time someone is fascinated LOL