@Brandon Smith You're cats would never do this to you... but just in case, beware of crazy cats : )


Reason number 8,000 that cats are awesome :P

Cat "I dont always...but when i do"

Cat, What are You Doing?

Watch out for Cat Norris! lol...

funny cats :D

The perfect cat lady plan: 1. Take pictures of every cat in your neighborhood. 2. Make missing cat posters with the pictures. 3. Get all the cats. Funny cat humor.

Cats are liquids. hahaha

I want to be a cat!

I can't stop laughing!! Texts from mittens the cat


The art of Trolling(Pranking) these are pretty messed up!

Sad but true. Remember the good ole days? @Patricia Ribler


Crazy cat lady

This is what cats look like underneath when they are in that nesting position! More funny things: www.funiest-stuff.com