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Reduce the amount of Styrofoam that goes in your trash.

Looking to introduce your kids to more science? Try this super EASY & quick experiment!

This experiment is perfect to help answer the classic kid question: "why is the sky blue?"

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment for Kids - This is such a fun science project for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade kids. They will be amazed as they see chemical properties at work (science, homeschool, kids activities)

Remove the first cup & they start falling in a domino effect: 4 Engineering Challenges for Kids - with Cups, Craft Sticks, and Cubes. Fun for rainy days!!

Quick and easy kids science activity. Make an orange sink and float! I love that this activity uses just a couple common household ingredients.

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Walking Water (a Science and Art Experiment)

Science FUN with Interactive Notebooks! #teaching #second

How plants absorb water science experiment! I've done celery, but this is better! Daises are nice too.

Nitty Gritty Science: Earth's Atmosphere - Introducing the next chapter in the Earth Science Interactive Notebook Series!

Human Body Activities for Kids! Great way for students to see what makes up the human body. Many different ways to represent the body parts and organs!

Fun ways to teach kids about moon phases! Great science ideas.

Fun candy science for kids. Even has a free printable for the cool science activity! Will the candy melt?!

Starting Out with Sentence Stems- This post has ideas for using sentence stems in math, social studies, and science. | The Science Penguin

Make these simple sensory bottles as a hands-on manipulative to talk about the weather. Great for circle time!

Botany for Kids: This simple science activity for kids doubles as a gorgeous flower craft and provides some floral fine motor skills - this flower dissection is simple to set up and gets kids interested in botany!

Science Fun for Kids - lots of fun hands on science experiments for kids to explore the world around them. Great for preschool, kindergarten and homeschool elementary kids.

Homemade Magnetic Slime- TOO COOL! This stuff takes minutes to make & is a sure way to WOW the kids!

Try this cool science experiment to help kids learn about the center of gravity. Great activity for the summer and also a great activity to do on screen free days.

Homemade Lava Lamp Density Science Experiment

Magnet painting is science and art wrapped up in a colorful package. And it's a simple set-up project too. STEAM (Sci/Tech/Eng/Art/Math) at it's easiest.