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Camping 1900's style. Spiritualist Camp at Fraser's Grove, Vicksburg, MI. Vicksburg Historical Society photo. Vicksburghistory.org.

Vicksburg Historical Society collection, Vicksburg, MI. Vicksburghistory.org

Vicksburg, Michigan ca. 1900. Vicksburg Historical Society photo

Celery fields in Vicksburg, Michigan, 1912. From Vicksburg Historical Society archives. www.vicksburghistory.org

On the road to Vicksburg (Michigan), 1900

Cutting ice on Sunset Lake, Vicksburg, Michigan - ca. 1910. Vicksburg Historical Society collection. Vicksburghistory.org

Workers in the rag room, Lee Paper Company, Vicksburg, Michigan ca. 1910. Vicksburg Historical Society collection. Vicksburghistory.org

Vicksburg Historical Society - Depot Museum, Vicksburg

Vicksburg (Michigan) once generated its own electricity. Vicksburg Historical Society collection. Follow us on facebook.

Vicksburg Quilt Trail - Main Street (Vicksburg, MI)

Downtown Vicksburg, MI 1967.

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Victorian Spirit Photography | Spirit Photography #spiritualist #spiritualism

Spiritualist Colin Evans "levitating" at a spiritualist meeting in London.

Victorian spiritualism #spiritualist #spiritualism

floridahistory: Cassadega Spiritualist Medium's House Is Visited By Alien

Two men with a female spirit, c. 1920, William Hope, National Media Museum Collection | Spirit Photography

Three people with two spirits Collection of National Media Museum *Catch a ghost on film!

Spiritualism Anniversary Supper #spiritualist #spiritualism

Taken by William Hope. In 1905 he became supposedly captured the image of a ghost while photographing a friend. He went on to found the Crewe Circle – a group of 6 spirit photographers. After World War I grieving relatives of those lost to the war sought a means of contacting their loved ones. Hope moved to London and became a professional medium. He was substituting glass plates bearing ghostly images in order to produce his spirit photographs.