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Camping 1900's style. Spiritualist Camp at Fraser's Grove, Vicksburg, MI. Vicksburg Historical Society photo. Vicksburghistory.org.

Vicksburg, Michigan ca. 1900. Vicksburg Historical Society photo

Cutting ice on Sunset Lake, Vicksburg, Michigan - ca. 1910. Vicksburg Historical Society collection. Vicksburghistory.org

Vicksburg (Michigan) once generated its own electricity. Vicksburg Historical Society collection. Follow us on facebook.

Fulton, Michigan, hotel - ca.1910. Vicksburg Historical Society Collection. Follow us on Facebook.

Workers in the rag room, Lee Paper Company, Vicksburg, Michigan ca. 1910. Vicksburg Historical Society collection. Vicksburghistory.org

Celery fields in Vicksburg, Michigan, 1912. From Vicksburg Historical Society archives. www.vicksburghistory.org

Spiritualist Colin Evans "levitating" at a spiritualist meeting in London.

William T. Stead, an English journalist and spiritualist who died on the RMS Titanic. His fate is a spooky one: he wrote two pieces for newspapers about ships which sank a while before his own death on the Titanic.

Three people with two spirits Collection of National Media Museum *Catch a ghost on film!

Victorian Spirit Photography | Spirit Photography #spiritualist #spiritualism

Seance with Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle was a Spiritualist. In particular he favored Christian Spiritualism and encouraged the Spiritualists' National Union to accept an eighth precept – that of following the teachings and example of Jesus of Nazareth. He also was a member of the renowned paranormal organisation The Ghost Club. Its focus, then and now, is on the scientific study of alleged paranormal activities in order to prove (or refute) the existence of paranormal phenomena.

Train wreck by the Depot, Vicksburg, Michigan, ca. 1915

We've come a long way, baby! Vicksburg Historical Society collection, Vicksburg, MI. Vicksburghistory.org

Vicksburg, Michigan Historical Society, Depot Museum and Historic Village - Home Page

Vicksburg Historical Society - Depot Museum, Vicksburg

Victorian spiritualism #spiritualist #spiritualism

On the road to Vicksburg (Michigan), 1900

Spiritualism Anniversary Supper #spiritualist #spiritualism

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A signed spiritualist photo... signed by the medium, not the ghost. ca. 1920.