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A door to... ?

Arlington Row - Bibury, England. 14th century stone buildings that were converted into cottages in the 1600's.

a treehouse for real! supposedly a banyan tree in Attpur, West Bengal, India - a temple from the 16th century?

::yawn:: Oh, good morning world. Yes, I think I will have a look out my window. Ah, and there's the picturesque fairytale brook right below me. Charming, charming.

Sir Lionel had once been a knight so brave. He fought for king and kingdom both and much honor was his due. Now old, he lived alone, in a quaint, small, but comfortable little house that was just perfect for him. His armor long retired, his grand steed now dining on clover, Sir Lionel spent his days trimming his roses, nurturing his strawberries, and waging small battles upon pests and vermin. It was a very good life. *Jayne d'Arcy "A Whimsy"