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Stylish & Efficient Laundry Rooms

Enliven your laundry area with these laundry room decor ideas, and add efficiency with smart organization strategies. Whether your have a small laundry room or an expansive space, these tips are sure to pep up and organize any size and type of laundry room.
  • Michele M

    Horizontal stripes and hanging art add a touch of personality to a simple laundry room. More storage-smart laundry rooms: <3 I love this and getting ready to Paint my Laundry room!

  • Sue Gaddis-Kopp

    Laundry Room - Simply Striped Walls

  • Megan Nimrick

    would be cool to do laundry area as stripes

  • Deborah Norton

    Stylish & Efficient Laundry Room: Simply Striped - Thick horizontal stripes make a room look wider. Neutral wall colors and modern artwork about the washer and dryer give this laundry room a punch of personality.

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simple inexpensive very narrow laundry room with what looks like a piece of plywood on top the appliances for a makeshift but workable folding space. love the blackboard paint cupboards

Great hallway photo grouping. Love this idea. Wedding picture, engagement, sealing pictures, Frame the invitations. Love it.

Main level half bath? wall stripes makes a small bathroom seem bigger...

Eye-Catching Patterns Striking wallpaper instantly defines a space, while looking trendy and playful. Choose a pattern that matches your color scheme for an effortless way to accent your laundry room's decor. A cream and black floral design keeps with the dark hardware and appliances and pops against the green painted cabinetry.

Why not combine spaces? Here, a laundry room was transformed into a family-friendly work space.

Entry way Unusual wall treatments such as the horizontal stripes in this entryway are an immediate indication of this home's unique styling. In a small space like this, stripes can be painted on the walls with just two quarts of paint

16th Street Station, Oakland, CA. I would love a wall like this in my living room. Very cool!

Hanging laundry bags makes is easy to sort laundry! More stylish & efficient laundry rooms:

what a bathroom: floor to ceiling windows, original wood rafters supporting a high ceiling, exposed brick with a gigantic owl motif, and coke bottle chandelier surrounding a roomy white tub. #upcycle #animalistic

Treat Windows Simply No matter their size or style, windows enlarge the feel of a room if they're allowed to transmit light. If possible, leave windows unadorned with clear or frosted glass. Mini blinds, matchstick blinds, or shades that can be drawn to the top of the window are other sleek solutions. Or cover the lower half of the glass with sheer fabric that will admit light but maintain pivacy.

Stylish & Efficient Laundry Room: A Lesson from the Kitchen - Designed with kitchen utility in mind, this laundry room makes great use of space, and everything is arranged on one wall. The washer and dryer tuck under a countertop like a dishwasher, providing a workspace above for folding clothes. A large sink is on-hand for quick cleanups or soaking clothes waiting for a spin through the wash.