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Two tall bookcase laid on their sides.

10 Smart Storage Solutions for Your Kids Room - http://www.amazinginteriordesign.com/10-smart-storage-solutions-kids-room/

On the wall opposite the media cabinet, custom cubby benches store bins of toys. A chalkboard table for playing doubles as a storage spot for larger bins of toys.

Possible option for "framing" the window in the play area with functional storage, would also add pillows to bench area since window is not as low, and add crown molding to make it appear more built-in

I don't know when, and I'm not totally sure WHERE, but I WILL have a built in bench.. one day.

DIY Cushion @jennifer

31 insanely easy diy projects, We need to do this for our closet!

I WILL have this in my house!

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Finally, a place where me and all my friends can play together safely | Stuffed Animal Storage!

genius ! <3

Extra storage/hanging for small space with no mud room. This could work!

Great idea in basement

Upright bookshelves laid down for storage under bed.

12 Creative Toy Storage Ideas I love the tool box and the rolling crate bench for stuffed animals

More Creative Kitchen Products That Are Borderline Genius (40 Pics)

I love this idea of a dresser with bookshelves on the side (this one used plain wooden spice racks!).

Small Space Organization Toy Wall perfect for our joint toy room/ library.

sunroom playroom ideas 35 Adorable Kids Playroom Ideas. Storage windowseat, Loveseat/carved bench against the wall, and a 24-30" bistro table & two matching chairs in the center.