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The Partridge Family

Partridge Family - Remember the song? "Hello, world, hear the song that we're singin' C'mon get happy! A whole lot of lovin' is what we'll be bringin' We'll make you happy!

Pippi Langkous..who didn't want to be like her..:)

Pippi Langkous - Inger Nilsson (born in is a Swedish actress. She started her career 9 years old, when playing the main role in the tv-series based on Astrid Lindgren's famous children's books about Pippi Longstocking. - loved Pippi when I was a child.

Fun & Free SAT Practice: Words Starting with J

Fun & Free SAT Practice: Words Starting with J

"Here's a story, of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. What's NOT to love about The Brady Bunch? Growing up it was must-watch-telly for Gen X Aussie kids.

Let me tell you bout my best friend...  I loved The Courtship of Eddy's Father!!

Courtship of Eddie's Father. I admit it, I had no idea what that meant when I was a kid, but loved the show!

The Bee Gees. Loved 'em.

The Bee Gees.The Brother's Gibb. I was in love with Barry and Andy Gibb!

Family Affair, 1970. Brian and Sebastian -- NEITHER of you will ever be forgiven for this popular piece of shit. The parody in MAD was good, though.

Family Affair, 1970 *Linda, remember how much we used to love to watch this show? aww, the good old days!

The Partridge Family ..I had this album when I was a kid...loved it!

come on get happy. I remember memorizing their Birthday's . I felt so cool having the inside scoop on this info!

Favorite TV Shows from the 50 Gilligan's Island

Gilligan's Island aired on CBS from 1964 to One of my favorite childhood tv shows.