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    Could the Higgs boson explain the size of the Universe?

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      The Higgs, The Dilaton & The Big Bang The world of particle physics was vindicated upon the discovery of the Higgs...

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      Could the Higgs boson explain the size of the Universe? | DESKARATI – AN ECLECTIC MIX OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, HISTORY AND THE ARTS

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      Could the Higgs boson explain the size of the Universe?

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      The Higgs Boson, The Dilaton, and the Big Bang

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      The God particle: Higgs Bosom

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      Higgs Boson and Big Bang

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    Universe - in the first second the temperature fell to 10 thousand million degrees. In the next one and a half minutes the temperature dropped 9 thousand million degrees. Protons and neutrons combined to produce helium and hydrogen as universal nuclear reactions. This stopped after 3 minutes when there was not enough heat present to sustain reactions.

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