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    • Je an

      Organizing Weekly Lesson Materials better than folders? I would replace "Next Week" with extra work to do. As a substitute I always hated when I got through lesson plans that were too short and was left with no extra work to do with the students.

    • Pat Jackson

      Organizing Weekly Lesson Materials better than folders?,, is an organize idea for parties /classes

    • Whitney Hedge

      Organizing Weekly Lesson Materials better than folders? For teachers area

    • Marcella Raye

      School Organization Idea - I need this times two!

    • Syracuse University School of Education

      Classroom Organization. Organizing Weekly Lesson Materials

    • Brooke Green

      weekly organizers - wonder if works better than method I currently use...

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    Graduation Cupcake Tower & "Hollywood Premiere" 8th Grade Dance

    Fun Activities for High School English thumbnailTo teach students to understand iambic meter, explain that iambic is the rhythm of walking. It is an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable. Select any of Shakespeare's sonnets, or any poem with iambic lines. Have them walk to the tune of the poem while deliberately stressing the second syllable of each metrical foot. Read more:

    PowerPoint Game Templates

    Students don't ask me for pencils anymore. No one leaves the room until all pencils are back on the board. (Photo only, but would be easy to make!)

    Pandora in the Classroom, don't be fooled by the 2nd grade blog, this is great for k-12.

    Helps keep piles off the desk!

    Ticket out the door is to "Tweet" or comment about topic.. This is an effective use of social networks AND exit slip!

    Class photographer - each day one student is assigned the task of being class photographer. They are responsible for photographing an important moment, then writing about it for the class blog. LOVE IT!

    On a due date, if a student does not have his/her assignment, he/she must fill out one of these yellow sheets and turn it in in place of said assignment. It asks for basic information like the assignment title, due date, and student signature. Keep this in the stack of papers and, as students turn in their late work, use it to record the actual date the assignment is turned in and the number of points deducted. (More good organization tips at this link.)

    Organizing Weekly Lesson Materials

    FUN! Twitter door- have a laminated strip for every child and they get time to update status about something they learned, liked or happened during school that day!

    I hate hand sanitizer but this is funny- They have to leave it on their desk for when they come back...Love this because YEAH RIGHT they really wash their hands on their own in the bathroom every time! I may adopt this for my HS class someday...

    Well Said.

    In Our Classroom


    Bazinga - an awesome review game for most any subject and any grade. LOVE IT!

    Great idea of numbering your mailboxes without ruining them with stickers/labels! These just clip right on and off!

    Awesome strategy where students use cards to indicate how they are progressing through the independent practice. This allows the teacher to intervene when necessary and gauge student's understanding of concepts.

    Post-It Note Watch...These are the best things ever!! I need them for student reminders.


    I like the point system and SWAG for high school

    This is a bulletin board where students can put up anything they are proud of, whether it's a picture, drawing or good grades. I like this because the kids choose what they post!

    Class expectations: success, willpower, attitude, and goals. I can't help it...I love it!

    Awesome metacognitive aspect in this one. "I'll know when I've got it when"

    every printable you can think of - I will be glad I pinned this one day