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The Learning Pyramid - teaching methods and retention

Teaching Methods

Here's an infographic on ways to aid and enhance student retention of materials.

3 New Teaching Methods Improve the Educational Process - Getting Smart by Guest Author -As teachers, it’s necessary to be able to teach and remain engaging. It puts a greater level of responsibility on creating lesson plans that truly work. Here are three teaching methods that are making an impact: Spaced Learning, Flexible Fridays and "Engagement."

A Hands-on Learning Approach for Teaching and Assessing Writing Organization

100 fun and challenging puzzles for you to download for free; great activity for early finishers or class transition times #edchat #educhat

Whole Brain Teaching

Education World: Tools for Teaching

Thick & Thin Questions

vocab tennis; this blog has AMAZING ideas for active learning. Love it!

Great way to self- assess!

Appendix D: Co-Teaching Essentials

Teaching in Tandem

Storytelling History - social studies teaching strategy

This Day in History - Start your day with a little history - great resource for the classroom!

Really cool tip for teaching Social Studies: divide students into groups and show them a photo that is very zoomed in. Let them discuss what the picture may be. Continue zooming out on the photo and letting them discuss and guess what the picture is and why it is significant. Conclude with a final reveal and discussion.