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    When nothing's on your Side by kyuura-jii.devian... on deviantART

    Russia, America, England, France & China - Hetalia

    I have nothing to say about this picture, but it is the most adorable picture of england I have ever seen and I love it!! X3

    Hetalia- Chibi Arthur the colors are making the scene come together and make it look magical

    Hetalia- France We wish we had hair as gorgeous as his.

    Hetalia Doujinshi page (?) -- Haha cool it's the other way around :D

    Please just imagine England getting super depressed over something, maybe a little after the revaluation, or something, and going out and getting dead drunk, and France coming to find him and carrying England back to England's house and tucking him in, and making him some really good food, and then putting the food in the fridge and leaving, and England wakes up in the morning and can't remember anything, and he sees the food and thinks his fairys did it, and he has no idea. (Not FrUk.)

    Sneeze! :3 blesh u. Chibi!England and France